About Us

Aselsan Sivas is a sector leader in day sights, night vision goggles, sniper scopes, red dots, thermal and night vision clip-ons and continuous zoom thermal objectives.

Our Vision

Achieving minimum 10% sustainable growth every year to be profitable and long-term.

Identify the target market as all world countries.

To be among the top three companies in lens production in Europe in 2030 by developing a competitive structure that gives importance to corporate and product quality in the sector.

As a company producing technological products, contributing to economic, social and institutional contribution to Sivas and its environs while being the highest selling company in Sivas in 2030 in the field of production.

To give importance to R & D activities and to develop innovative production processes and products.

Our Mission

To eliminate the dependence on foreign Turkey's electro-optical devices and lens production and as a company that produces technological products to reach their targets for 2030;

Establishment of necessary production areas and device infrastructures,

Increasing personnel competence by giving importance to education,

Bringing new production techniques to the company by closely monitoring the technology,

Design activities to produce innovative products, will be realized.

Our Values

Corporate culture that does not compromise ethical values

To ensure quality and efficiency

Customer satisfaction, focus and open to suggestions

Cooperation based on honesty and trust

Friendlyness and sincerity

Commitment to community and family values

To provide the necessary support for continuous improvement

To contribute to the national economy by focusing on domestic manufacturing

Quality Policy

  • With the participation of all our personnel, we have adopted the principle of continuously improving our business processes and meeting customer expectations at the highest quality level.
  • We will always reduce our environmental impacts and even make them positive. We will continuously raise awareness of our personnel by fully complying with the current regulations on occupational health and safety.
  • We will always be aware that product and work quality can only be ensured through systematic work awareness.
  • We will strive to achieve higher business performance at all times by actively communicating with all of our stakeholders, from our suppliers to our customers.
  • The organization will define the purpose of the organization
  • We are committed to meeting the legal requirements and will do so.
  • Our commitment to systematic monitoring and improvement of quality targets continues.
  • Our commitment is to ensure that quality objectives are communicated to all functions of the organization
  • We are committed to monitoring and reviewing quality targets every month.

The fastest way to achieve our goals is to communicate all our commitments and policies to the staff, and we believe that we can work and succeed in pursuing a determined policy, investigating the cause and effect relationships of events and ensuring that teams understand and apply them.

At a Glance

Shareholding Structure

Aho Ortaklik Yapisi


Aho Peoples


Research & Development Center

Aho R D

1000 m2

Production Area

Aho Factory

10.000 m2

R & D

Production of technological information in Aselsan Sivas R & D Center, innovation in product and production processes, raising of product quality and standard, commercialization of technological information, evaluation of direct capital investments for R & D and innovation,

Our engineers conduct research and development on issues such as increasing and encouraging the employment of R & D personnel and qualified labor force.

Aselsan Sivas, which is the leader in its sector, has a structure that is open to innovation and adapting rapidly to technology. 1.000 m² R & D building was put into service in Cumhuriyet University Technopolis campus.

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